Headlight Clean

  Owner Operators Needed Now!

Restore Hazy Headlights In 10 Minutes     Your Cost Is $1 Per Car    Fantastic Money Making Opportunity

Now anyone can restore foggy or cloudy plastic headlight covers to like new condition in just minutes.Using our cleaning solution Headlight Clean it is as simple as rubbing it on with a cloth rag.

There is no sanding no buffing no removing the headlight lens covers from the car. No using masking tape.

Replacing headlight lenses can cost several hundred dollars. Having a detail shop or Auto repair shop professionally restore your headlights can run $75 to $150 per car.

With one bottle of Headlight Clean you can restore the headlights on 10 cars. If you charged the low end price of $75 per car you would generate $750 per bottle. But since this process only takes about 10 minutes per car. You can charge much less than $75 per car if you wish.

If you purchase the 10 bottle kit for $100 your cost per bottle is $10. Each bottle contains enough cleaning solution to clean 10 cars. Your cleaning solution cost is just $1 per car!

We recommend you charge $20 per car. There is not going to be anyone in your area restoring headlights at a price this low. At $20 per car your profit is $19 for 10 minutes work. If you clean 6 cars in an hour your profit is $19×6 cars =$114

Each bottle of Headlight Clean has a retail price of $39.95 printed on the label. Your cost per bottle is $10. In addition to making $20 per car that you restore you can also sell bottles at the retail price of $39.95. Your profit on each bottle sold is $29.95.

If you buy the 100 bottle kit your cost goes down to $7.50 per bottle. With the 100 bottle kit we customize the bottle label with your name, phone number, and email address. When your customers need more they are forced to buy from only you!

The possibilities are endless. If you have a bottle of our cleaning solution you will never be out of work. There is an endless supply of cars with cloudy foggy headlights. Just look around they are everywhere.

With our kits we show you how to make money cleaning headlights at Shopping center parking lots, Flea markets, Used car dealers, Business parking lots, Service Stations, Auto body shops, Auto detail shops, Apartment complexes, Restaurants,  Schools and Colleges, this list is endless you can make money any where there are cars!

Here is a sure fire sales method that we use. Go to the junk yard find the worst looking headlight you can find. Clean ½ the headlight showing the cleaning potential of headlight clean. Take this headlight to the flea market set up a table display and sell bottles all day at $39.95 each. Also take 2 helpers with you that will go to the parking lot with your customers and clean their headlights before they drive home at $20 a car.

You can take your half cleaned headlight cover anywhere you go and make sales. Walk into any business with the half cleaned headlight cover from the junk yard and say “I restore headlights”. Hand the headlight cover to whomever greats you. They will show it to other employees and one always asks how much do you charge? Say “Auto repair centers charge $75 per car if you have a couple of cars I can do today I will charge $20 per car”. Then there are always a couple people that want you to come back tomorrow so you can do their spouses car. You can schedule this or I prefer to just sell them a bottle for $39.95. Say “This restoration will last 6 months to a year and then the headlight will start to oxidize again that is why I recommend you take a bottle home”.

Here is how to make a simple $20 sale. When someone exits their car in a parking lot simply say. “Sir I see that your headlights are very cloudy and oxidized. I restore headlights and can make them look like new in a couple of minutes. Let me clean one to show you at no charge.” You than put a tiny dab of Headlight Clean on a cloth and clean a spot on their headlights about the size of a 50 cent piece. The results will be very noticeable. Say “Auto repair centers charge $75 for headlight restoration like this I Can do it today for $20 in just a few minutes”. Expect them to say yes go ahead 75% of the time!

The auto industry is almost exclusively using plastic headlight lenses now. Some are marketed under technical-sounding names like Lexan, but all plastic lenses will eventually suffer from the same problems. Sunlight, harsh weather, acid rain, and radiator fluid will all cause the lenses to degrade over time.


No plastic headlight covers remain clear forever. All plastic headlights become cloudy, foggy or yellowed over time. Typically people know that their headlight covers are cloudy. Most have tried to clean them at home with no results. Most have had their cars through a professional car wash and know that their headlight covers do not come clean. Some people think that the problem is on the inside of the plastic headlight covers but it never is. It is always on the outside and it can be easily removed with Headlight Clean.

Cloudy or dirty headlights aren’t just an eyesore, they are dangerous. Driving around with dirty, cloudy headlights can lower your night vision by as much as 90%; worn headlights offer lower light output and they scatter the light. If your headlights are worn out or cloudy, restore them with Headlight Clean.

1 Bottle Headlight Clean $39.95 + $4.95 Shipping



10 Bottles Headlight Clean $100.00 + $9.95 Shipping   Enough for 100 Cars




24 Bottles White label $240.00 + $14.95 Shipping

 (label back contains directions and cautions)

 (All Headlight Clean Contact Info Is left off This Label)  

 (Label Front Is Blank You put your sticker here. You Make Your stickers Locally) 



100 Bottles Headlight Clean $750.00 + $29.95 Shipping  We can customize the label for you. We put your contact info on the label and leave our contact info off. After placing your order send us an email with what you would like us to put on your label 

Includes Exclusive Worldwide Distribution Rights For Your Private Label Product

Only 1 Private Label Product Allowed Per Area. If Your Area Is Already Taken Your Purchase Will Be Refunded Within 1 Business Day.

100 Bottles Private Label Headlight Clean $750.00 + $29.95 Shipping 


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  – – – – –  – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

We Also Offer a Private Label Program With 5 Year Distribution Rights.

This Package Locks Down Your Home County For 5 Years. (possibly more than 1 county dependent on population density) 

Includes Exclusive Worldwide Distribution Rights For Your Private Label Product

Only 1 Private Label Product Allowed Per Area. (Call Our Office To See If Your Area Is Still Available)

5 Year Package Includes

  • 1000 Bottles Private Label Headlight Clean
  • 100 Bottles Private Label Headlight Sealer
  • 25 Bottles Private Label Fast Dry Spray Sealer

Total Cost $7500

Total Cost $7500



Headlight Clean Sealer Video

Headlight Clean Sealer Video

Headlight Clean Sealer

Makes Headlights Shiny and Sparkley

Headlights Stay Oxidation Free 3 Times Longer

1 Bottle Does 10 Cars $39.95+ S/H $4.95



Headlight Clean Sealer

Makes Headlights Shiny and Sparkley

Headlights Stay Oxidation Free 3 Times Longer

10 Bottles Enough For 100 Cars $100.00+ S/H $9.95



1 Bottle Headlight Clean / 1 Bottle headlight Clean Sealer (Combo Pack)

Enough To Clean And Seal headlights On 10 Cars $64.90+$9.90 S/H (Packages Will arrive Separately)




Combo Pack 10 Bottles Headlight Clean/10 Bottles Headlight Clean Sealer

Enough To Clean And Seal Headlights On 100 Cars $185.00 + $19.80 S/H (packages will arrive separately)





Headlight Clean Fast Dry Headlight Sealer

Dries In Seconds No Wait Time Needed


One Can Will Seal 25 Cars (50 Headlights)

Watch The Video This Sealer Makes Plastic And Rubber Trim Look Like New

1 Can 44.95+9.95 S/H Enough To Seal 50 Headlights


4 Cans Enough For 100 Cars (200) Headlights

4 Cans Enough For 100 Cars (200 Headlights) $100+$19.95 S/H


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