Clearance Specials

All Clearance Specials Are In Stock in Very Limited Quanites.They Will Be Removed Once Sold

We have 100 bottles of White Label Headlight Clean Priced at $500 ($5 A Bottle)

These bottles have irregular labels (Smudged Ink,Crooked Labels)

Once labeled our labels are difficult and time consuming to remove.

These can only be sold as a single lot (100 Bottles)


$500 +$14.95 Shipping

We Have 500 Bottles of Headlight Clean With No Labels Priced at $2500 ($5 A Bottle)

We Normally Label our bottles before the filling process.

These were for a special order were the customers funding fell through

We Will sell all 500 in a single lot with free shipping


$2500.00 Free Shipping
We Have 10 Packs of Regular Label Headlight Clean  With Assorted Labeling Defects 
(Color Fades, Misaligned Labels, Smudged Labels)

These are priced $100 Per 10 Pack Buy 2 Get 2 Free (Pay Separate Shipping)

40 Bottles $200 + $9.95 x4 Shipping