Sealer FAQ

Headlight Clean Sealer F.A.Q.

Q. What size bottle is Headlight Clean Sealer?

A. 1 Liquid Ounce it is enough for 20 headlights (10 vehicles)


Q. Do I Have to use a sealer?

A. No But it will keep headlights oxidation free for up to 3 times longer than unsealed headlights.


Q. Will customers be able to tell the difference between unsealed and sealed headlights right away?

A. No, Not right away. A sealed headlight will look the same as a unsealed headlight for the first few days. However the “Sparkly Glossy Look” will turn to more of an unpolished dull look once an unsealed headlight dries in a few days. A sealed headlight will retain that ” Sparkly Glossy Look” for years. In addition to maintaining that “Sparkly Glossy Look” Sealed headlights will remain oxidation free for 3 times longer than unsealed headlights.


Q. How much will it cost me to use the sealer?

A. When you buy the 10 bottle pack it will cost you $1 per vehicle.


Q. What method do you use to ship the sealer?

A. It is shipped by U.S.P.O ground (Standard Mail or Parcel Post.)


Q. Do you ship the sealer overseas?

A. It is a combustible liquid and we currently only ship to the United States and Canada


Q. Can you combine shipments of Headlight Clean and Headlight Clean Sealer

A. No they ship from different locations using different methods.