Sealer Instructions

Headlight Clean Sealer Instructions


We recommend practicing on some junkyard headlights or an older vehicle. There is a slight learning curve on the application of this sealer. You can remove the sealer with odorless mineral spirits and try again if you are unhappy with the application. But you should practice before you try an application with a customer looking over your shoulder. In the beginning you want to mask off the area with blue painters masking tape. Many professionals use this product without masking vehicles. But some practice is needed before you will have the confidence to skip the masking step.

1. Clean Headlights with Headlight Clean

2. Wipe headlights dry with cloth rag. Mask the area around the headlights to prevent getting sealer on the vehicle. (blue painters masking tape)

2a. The next steps involve the use of flammable chemicals. Use outdoors or in well ventilated areas. Use of disposable gloves, and eye protection is highly recommended.  All paper towels and cups used in this process will become flammable after use and must be disposed of properly. Read all cautions on all chemicals before use.

3. Wipe all excess Headlight Clean from the headlight using a clean paper towel.

4. Fold new paper towel into 1″ square.

5. Shake Bottle of Headlight Clean Sealer And Pour 1/10 of an ounce of into small disposable cup (Dixie Cup) This is enough for 2 headlights.

6. Dip your 1″ square folded paper towel into the disposable cup wetting the leading edge of the paper towel only.

7. Start at the top of the headlight and apply sealer to the headlight with the wet leading edge of your paper towel using a back and forth motion working downward. Apply an even thin coat to avoid running. Some slight streaking may be visible while wet, allow some drying time for the streaking to disappear. A very thin coat of sealer is all that is needed.

8. If after some drying time you see streaking or running. You can remove the sealer and start over again. To remove sealer apply some odorless mineral spirits to a new paper towel and wipe away the sealer from the headlight. Go back to step #6 and start again.

9. Allow enough drying time before driving the vehicle. Dry Times vary greatly allow 15 minutes before testing for tackiness.  If driven while still wet or tacky dust and dirt may adhere to the sealer. If this happens go back to step #8


Headlight Clean Sealer

1 Bottle Enough for 10 Cars

  $39.95 + $4.95 Shipping/Handeling


10 Bottles Headlight Clean Sealer

Enough For 100 Cars
$100.00 + $9.95 Shipping/Handling