Sales Ideas

Letter your car or truck or use magnet signs Headlight Restorations $20 Per Car 555-555-1212

Clean only one of your own headlights to show customers the difference

Print flyers to put on cars that need headlight restoration. Make 4 flyers from each sheet of paper write it by hand and make copies. It should look like a hand written note that you would leave on a windshield after you accidently hit a parked car! Put it under the windshield wiper of cars with clouded headlights. Give them a price, hit on the safety aspect of oxidized headlights “improve night time visibility”.

Visit used car lots for work

Get headlight cover from junk yard and clean only half to show customers

Take photos of your work and run free ads online

Make display out of Junk Yard headlight lens clean ½ side only. Set up retail displays for full service car washes. Use private label bottles that cost you $7.50 sell wholesale for $20.00 they retail it for $39.95.

Set up a table at service stations and solicit customers at the gas pump. Clean headlights while they pump gas and sell bottles for $39.95 (Pay station owner rent $20-$40 daily)

Grow your business hire helpers who work for commission put them at other service stations

1 Guy and 1 Girl teams at service stations do extremely well at this.

Set up retail display at the service stations that you have worked in the past. (You have already built a relationship with station owners by paying rent and selling bottles previously. They now know the bottles sell)

Set up table at flea market (sell bottles and clean headlights. Use your ½ headlight display)

Sell at self service car washes to customers washing cars

Solicit company fleet vehicles plumbing, electricians, cable TV, etc, etc

Start a multi level network marketing company (your on the top level)

Get friends and family involved it’s a perfect part time job for anyone

Perfect fundraiser opportunity add on for charity car wash fundraisers

That homeless guy that holds the will work for food sign. He could be holding this sign Headlight Restorations only $20 Help the Homeless.

There is no heavy lifting with Headlight Clean anyone can sell it and use it 18 Year olds or 80 Year olds.

Use a pop up canopy with banners {Headlight Restoration $20 in Ten Minutes} set up anywhere Vacant service station, Flea Market, Busy service station, Etc

Pizza delivery drivers are great prospects sell one and they all want it done.

The real money is in using our private label bottles with your company name. You control everything buy from us at $7.50 per bottle. Wholesale to others for $20 and retail it for $39.95

We just started selling nationally January 6, 2011. This is a ground floor opportunity! Don’t let it pass you by.

There are thousands of vacant businesses across the country that can be short term leased for pennies on the dollar. Set up a drive thru Headlight Restoration Location.

Perfect add on service for 10 minute oil change locations.

With your private label bottles set up displays in local auto part stores.

Sell at auto shows.

1 Bottle Headlight Clean $39.95 + $4.95 Shipping



10 Bottles Headlight Clean $100.00 + $9.95 Shipping   Enough for 100 Cars




24 Bottles White label $240.00 + $14.95 Shipping

 (label back contains directions and cautions)

 (All Headlight Clean Contact Info Is left off This Label)  

 (Label Front Is Blank You put your sticker here. You Make Your stickers Locally) 



100 Bottles Headlight Clean $750.00 + $29.95 Shipping  We can customize the label for you. We put your contact info on the label and leave our contact info off. After placing your order send us an email with what you would like us to put on your label 

100 Bottles Private Label Headlight Clean $750.00 + $29.95 Shipping 


Headlight Clean Sealer

1 Bottle Enough for 10 Cars

  $39.95 + $4.95 Shipping/Handling (US and Canada Only)


10 Bottles Headlight Clean Sealer

Enough For 100 Cars
$100.00 + $9.95 Shipping/Handling (US and Canada Only)